We sold shoes the first day........
and the kids love it!


Need:  Award Dance Shoes was an old school manufacturer of dance shoes.  They required a web site to lead the industry as an online community for kids in dance.  With SageLion's help, they determined the best market position and built the site for kids and family.

Solution: SageLion created a site with a lot of movement, vibrant colors, a lot of interesting information and a large online catalog.  Things like "That's Disgusting" and "Ask the Expert" make the site fun and interactive and give kids and adults a reason to return and support the site. 

Results: Due to pre-launch efforts, the site got traffic on the first day and started selling shoes and apparel.  The management of the company assigned a full-time person to the site and has followed SageLion advice with affiliate links and other forms of marketing.


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