The web site is already the third best sales agent !!

Need: MidSouth is very successful in the catalog business, so the web was a natural progression. They had a Phase I design with a basic site that had been developed in-house.  The web site lacked the quality look and functionality needed by the growing company.  A major update was needed.

Solution: SageLion moved MidSouth to a Phase 3 design to effectively compete with national competitors. SageLion programmed and designed an interface to communicate with the companyís existing database, providing an immediately integrated solution. This type of back-end integration with an existing database is the most difficult type of programming on the web.
Results: Within the first few months, the web site has become the 3rd best order taker.  This catalog company is very excited and has started to promote the site to customers.  Since they still have to accomplish the Phase I and Phase II goals of developing awareness, we donít expect to see significant results until 6 months.


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