In the first two days,
over 4000 people visited the site !

Need: Phil had a text oriented site he had developed himself which did not have the functionality or look that he needed to become a national presence. His desire to become a nationally syndicated radio talk show host required a site that had a high level of functionality and gave him the right look.  The site needed to reflect his views on life in America.

Solution: SageLion built a state of the art Phase II site that is both fast loading and functional. The site is set up to transition easily into Phase III as Phil's market grows and his listeners learn about his information heavy site. Since Phil has a lot of opinions on a lot of topics, excellent navigation was essential.
Results:  The site launched during a major anti-income tax campaign by Phil and received over 4,000 visitors in the first few days.  As his email list grows, we expect that his popularity will increase exponentially, especially in the best demographics that advertisers are seeking. We hope for national syndication within the next 1 to 2 years. 


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