Our beliefs play a crucial role in decisions we make each and every day.  We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our customers.  Our beliefs turn into actions, which turn into RESULTS.

We Believe in Lifetime Customers
Because of this belief:
1) We begin our relationship by learning everything we can about you and your business.
2) We approach your web presence as if we are owners of your business.
3) We teach you how to succeed on the web and help you progress at your own pace.
4) We remain on the cutting edge so you can upgrade as far as you want without leaving SageLion.

We Believe in a 100% Return on Your Investment
Because of this belief:
1) We train you on how to best utilize your site to help you get a full return on your investment.
2) We price your site with the expectation that you will realize a 100% return on your investment within 1 year.
3) We offer a full array of affordable management, marketing and hosting services.

We Believe in Clear Communication
Because of this belief:
1) We put everything in writing and explain what will happen during the design process.
2) We provide a Site Director, who will be your lifeline during every stage of development.
3) We provide a web address where you can view your web site during development.
4) We remain available for 1 full year for free consultations and advice related to your web site.

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