Like a Pride of Lions, SageLion is very proud of the members of our Pride.  Our eclectic group of graphic artists, website designers, programmers, branding experts, managers and marketers come to us from all over the world and bring a level of expertise that is unequalled in the industry. 

SageLion was founded by two friends with the same set of values and customer service beliefs.  Take a few moments to meet our founders:

Brad Towle - With over 15 years of experience in corporate operations, marketing and sales, Brad has an insiders view of how companies succeed and compete.  Brad's vision is to help everyone he can by giving them hard-earned branding, marketing and positioning advice.   His current role in the company is the lead "Outside Person", meeting with clients and advising them on branding, marketing and positioning on the web.  He'll likely be your first contact with the company.

Mike Goldberg - Mike is the ultimate artistic and technical manager.  With his extensive business background, he specializes in running a lean and effective operation.  His artistic ability allows him to supervise and direct a diverse group of artists, designers and programmers.  His current role in the company is the lead "Inside Person", overseeing the vast array of projects that are going on at any given time.  He'll insure that your project gets completed on time and on budget.

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