Designing a web site is a unique combination of art, science and mathematics.  Since you know your customers and your needs, you are in an excellent position to tell us what you like and dislike as well as some of the features and functionality that appeal to you. You don't have to be an artist to provide us with the input we need.

Concept: A large part of what we do is create a web site that serves your offline business as a powerful tool.  The look, feel, colors, navigation and functionality are all defined at this stage and placed into a working model for your review and approval.

There are a number of layout options available for your site.  We'll discuss these with you and determine the best approach, given your business, the strategy and the creative concept.

Create: Once we have your approval, we'll begin to create the various pages and levels of the site, allowing you to make minor adjustments along the way to insure your satisfaction.

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