The results stage begins with the web site launch and continues into an ongoing process of refining and improving the site to better meet customer needs and produce the RESULTS you need.

Launch: The site is launched to all the free search engines and any others that you'd like to pay for.  The site will be heavily coded based on your keywords and our overall positioning and branding strategies to move up the search engines over a period of 1 to 6 months.

You will be trained on how to use the site as an effective tool.  The site will have been designed based on your levels of staffing and expertise.  By design, the site will be easy to operate and we will spend a year providing free updates and phone consultation.  We are THAT committed to your success on the web.

Refine: Your "Gold Standard" site will need to change over time as it keeps up with new technology, changes in your business and the growth of your company.  The site can be used as a tool in marketing campaigns, customer services and for a variety of other purposes.  A static site soon gathers dust, so we will be here to help you keep it current and on the cutting edge.  For the first full year we will monitor the site and continue to launch it monthly to search engines.

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