Many companies are interested in selling goods and services through the web.  At SageLion, we can provide many levels of e-commerce from a basic shopping cart for small businesses to a customized and integrated sales and inventory control system for the largest national chain.

E-commerce starts with a "Shopping Cart" program, which we'll integrate into your web site.  This program can output to a file in a mode we call "Fake" e-commerce, or it can output to a processing program (Such as CyberCash or Authorize.net), which we call "Real" e-commerce.  In "Real" e-commerce, the data is processed, passed to a Merchant bank of your choosing, then credit card data is processed as the funds transfer from the customers account to yours.

SageLion has a turnkey e-commerce solution which includes all the elements for a monthly fee plus a fee per transaction.  Many smaller businesses find this to be the most affordable solution.

For larger companies, we can integrate a shopping cart into your existing database or create a complete system from scratch, including fulfillment. 

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