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The use of FLASH, streaming video, streaming audio and other forms of multi-media are growing as more web surfers connect at faster speeds. 

At SageLion, we can produce any kind of multi-media.  For Great American we created an interactive CD using FLASH, animation and video. Lisa Whelchel required FLASH to be used, but not to dominate her site.  Clay Crosse required audio to display his music.  For many sites,  our responsibility to our clients is to apply the appropriate amount of multi-media to get the desired result.  We've seen too many examples of multi-media "specialists" who build over the top web sites steeped in FLASH and streaming video that drag down performance and function.  We won't do that to you.  We understand that you want results.   

We can produce any level of FLASH, video compression and streaming, audio compression and streaming and numerous other applications.

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